Jeff and Deborah Herman Jeff and Deborah Herman invite you to explore this site for tips, information and products to help you reach your goal of becoming a published author.

Ask The Agents

Go ahead, ask us what you want to know about publishing. There are no stupid questions, just people who are too stupid to ask questions or listen to the answers.

Actually, questions are better than answers because you know what you need to know even if the answer sucks.

Submit Your Work

You can digitally submit your work for consideration. We also welcome hardcopy submissions. If we like what you submit, we will replace your name with one of our names, or one of our relatives. It's done all the time that way.

If you think I'm kidding, then you should submit your work. If you think I'm serious, then you should send me an angry letter castigating me for my lack of ethics. And if you think that I just have a dumb sense of humor, then you should keep it to yourself.

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